Vampire Counts Tower

Vampire Counts Tower Ground Floor Before I start assembling the Hirst Arts Cathedral I’d like to finish some of the my incomplete terrain pieces.

This weekend I’ve made some progress on the ground floor of a Vampire Counts Tower for WHFB. The tower was started in October 2004 when I was casting wall and tower builder sections.

It’s largely inspired by the buildings that appear in the WHFB Vampire Counts Army Book (very similar to this effort) as well as Parasitic Studio’s Vampire Manse. That odd hole in the ground near the start of the stairs is for a Hirst Arts resin wrought iron fence which is going to surround the stairs and the small graveyard to the right. The gravestones, stairs and tower are all Hirst Arts plaster pieces. Mordheim players may recognise the plastic doorway which has been filled with a balsa door. I’m not entirely happy with the higgeldy piggeldy staircase but it’ll have to do.

Vampire Counts Tower Ground Floor Tradesman's Entrance Round the back is the tradesman’s entrance where I imagine Igor sneaks fresh body parts into the dungeon. I really should have created a grilled, ground level window in the hill as well. That doorway will be sealed with a wrought iron grill and possibly capped with a minor roof as well.

The whole base needs to be flocked with greenery, some weeds around the graves and of course I need to build the overhanging first and second stories too, which will rest over the mess of unpainted plaster and foam card you see in these photos.

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