28mm Stone Henges II

28mm Stone Henge Eye Level Ah yes, it never fails. I resolve to finish some projects but instead start a bunch of new ones…

Chris dropped the first full cast of the stone henge pieces he’s been working on this week and they’re so nice I was instantly compelled to start building a piece of WHFB terrain with them!

28mm Stone Henge Three Quarter Here they are unpainted and arranged in your classic ‘druid circle’ with a Mordheim Necromancer attempting to invoke the dark gods of Spray Undercoating.

The pieces are all nicely textured and should be easy to paint with a black base and several layers of drybrushing. Chris even included a stone altar and a group of four tall entrance stones in the set.

28mm Stone Henge Three Quarter In this overhead shot you can see I’ve already planned the simple grassy hill I’m going to build the druid’s circle on. After I took these photos I cut the MDF, glued high density foam to it and hot-wired/sanded the foam into a smooth hill.

Hopefully this terrain piece won’t take too much effort to complete as all I have to do is texture the ground, paint everything and apply flock and grass matt around the outside of the circle. I’m confident I can manage that this week.

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