28mm Stone Henges III

Chris's 28mm Stone Henge Painted Having successfully appeased the gods of Spray Undercoating our Necromantic fiend from the previous post returns to summon the tortured corpses of his former henchmen to do his fell bidding…

Chris's 28mm Stone Henge Painted Chris’s stone henge pieces have been primed and painted in a fury of drybrushing. Here’s some shots of the fairly crude paint job. It’s testimony to the nice texturing on the pieces that they look great with two coats of drybrushed gray housepaint! I may still do some additional light drybrushing with a high white to pick out the edges.

Chris's 28mm Stone Henge Painted The whole piece still needs further flocking around the bases of the stones and detailing with reeds. You may also notice I haven’t painted the lintels yet – I ran out of black enamel spray paint priming the main piece. Mind you it looks fine without them and seems to have a more of a Lovecraftian feel imho. The central altar also needs to be painted. I shall definitely have this piece finished by the weekend.

Nice work on the stones again Chris! When are you going to start selling them?

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