Spike Milligan’s War Diaries

Spike Milligan served as a artillery gunner during World War II. He wrote a hilariously funny, touching and at times tragic set of autobiographies based on his experiences before, during and after the war. They’re a good read for anybody curious about living through the Second World War while serving in the British army.

In all there’s six volumes, I’d say of equal quality (I’ve certainly enjoyed all of them). In order they are:

  1. Adolf Hitler, My Part in His Downfall
  2. Rommel, Gunner Who?
  3. Monty, His Part in My Victory
  4. Mussolini, His Part in My Downfall
  5. Where have all the Bullets Gone?
  6. Goodbye Soldier, Demob

Hopefully they should be available in your local library. For any New Zealanders here they also regularly appear on TradeMe under the Books auctions.

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