Kim Styles of Kreative Scenery

Kim Styles of Kreative Scenery was up in Auckland this weekend so we got together to meet and for a friendly game of Flames of War which was nice.

It was my King & Country NZ Rifle Company against his German Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers, using the old rules, not the new ‘Diving Eagles’ release) playing Hold the Line.

It was an interesting game on my partially complete North African table and I was quite impressed with the Fearless Veteran Fallschirmjäger stormtrooping towards my lines surprisingly quickly!

The NZers were forced to abandoned their trenches on one flank and meet the Boche at bayonet point after a rolling barrage from the 25pdrs had pinned them down. That NZ platoon was unfortunately wiped out, but not before striking a telling blow that I think won me the game. The other flank was slowed sufficiently by some Div Cav lads in their Honey’s (before the Marders and recoiless rifles saw them off).

Despite the loss, the Fallschirmjäger look like a very interesting force and I may abandon my plans for a DAK Mechanised Armor Coy and make a FJ force my next army…after I complete the NZers of course!

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