Paper Terrain Roundup

28mm Paper Dungeon Much as I prefer foam card and ultracal terrain there is some very nice paper terrain available on the web.

I am vaguely considering creating an ‘undercity’ for my Mordheim table and investing less than $20 for a set of printable paper terrain could serve as a good gaming prototype before taking the time to create an entire Hirst Arts dungeon set.

Here’s the online paper terrain I’ve discovered so far:


World Works Games have probably the most extensive range of fantasy, sci fi, modern and pirate printable paper models I’ve seen. They’re all richly detailed and vibrantly coloured and quite reasonably priced considering once you purchase the PDF you can print copies to your heart’s content. They’re also in the process of creating models for an entire fantasy city which should be of interest to any Mordheim gamers already using the GW cardstock buildings.

Stone Edges have a range of fantasy dungeons and sci-fi space station interiors paper models and also have a few nice free samples for you to try. While their range is smaller than World Works, it is definitely comparable in quality imho.

Miniature Scenery are an Australian company that make a range of pre-cut MDF buildings – which while not paper are still quite interesting looking, particularly for 40k or City Fight.

15mm do a nice range of 15mm scale European buildings and villages. Their terrain is interesting because they use a kind of ‘slip cover’ model where a complete building can be converted to a ruined building simply by slipping the top off to reveal the ruins underneath.

MAGs Papiermodelle has some free 1:250 scale paper models with a distinctly European flavour. While they’re not 15mm scale they are so richly detailed I believe you could scale them up without any problems.

Please don’t hesitate to recommend any further paper terrain resources if you know of any! Also I’m curious to hear how this terrain stands up to regular gaming. Any visitors using paper terrain care to comment?

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