Shockini Action Figures

Shockini Skeleton Figure The ‘Perils of the Bold’ web comic uses Hirst Arts terrain, Shockini and Stikfas figures to tell an RPG spoof fantasy tale.

I wanted to pick up a couple of these figures to give my young son something to play with, and hopefully distract him away from my larger collection of expensive and carefully painted wargaming miniatures.

The oddly spelled Stikfas are based in Singapore, whereas Shocker Toys are a US firm I believe. Fortunately Octane Toys in Australia stock Shockinis (and accept PayPal), so I’ve just ordered a couple of the pictured Skeleton figures over the web.

Hmmm although I have just noticed that Shockini’s are recommended for 6+ and Stikfas for 8+ year olds and my son is only 3 this year. He’s well past the ‘taste everything’ stage so that just means supervised play to me which is more fun anyway.

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