Dustan’s City Fight Table

Dustans City Fight Table I regularly game with a handful of like minded adults in the Auckland region. We’re quite a mixed bag talent-wise, with some preferring the games, some preferring working with figures and some of us being terrain fanatics.

Dustan is probably the ‘renaissance gamer’ of our group, being good at all aspects of the hobby. He also works really fast as we saw when he painted some ridiculous number of Orks in a space of months during the Pityak midwinter army contest.

Dustans City Fight Table These photos are of his latest project – a gaming table for Warhammer 40k City Fight that he created in around 12 hours.

It’s based on 2′ x 2′ slabs of 10mm MDF that have been built up into city blocks with thinner MDF and some surplus linoleum floor tiles. The roadways and pavements have been painted with ‘White Knight Spray Stone’ which is a cheap ‘paint effect in a can’ that you can buy locally from Bunnings.

Dustan's City Fight Table I’ll admit initially I was unsure about the red lino tiles…but after seeing the table a few time they’ve grown on me. They add a nice splash of colour and look fine once terrain is down on them. The only problem of such a regular layout is it aids in estimating ranges once you know the dimensions of the roads and tiles. Dustan has actually toned the tiles down quite a bit too by rubbing them with black paint.

Dustan mentioned creating some more of these table tiles and selling them on TradeMe (his user name is dustan) so I’d keep an eye on there if you’d like some of your own! I believe the set in these photos will also appear in the Vagabond, Takapuna store as a game table in the future.

They look so good for such minimal effort that I’ll definitely have to rip them off at some point in the future. Err maybe once I actually build some City Fight terrain!

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