Hirst Arts Cathedral: Casting

Hirst Arts Cathedral Casting I’m still slowly casting up for the Hirst Arts Cathedral while trying to finish other projects. This chart of required pieces comes from Bruce Hirst’s PDF plans. The green pieces are those I have finished casting and the blue numbers are my cast counts for the unfinished pieces. Most of the casting left to do is from the Bell Tower mold.

I’ve made a few changes to the plans, dropping the original floor in favour of one made from the Gothic Floor mold – which is why all of the plan floor pieces have been ignored. I’ve also decided not to include the decorative 1/4″ squares on the buttresses and towers and will instead use the plain 1/4″ gothic square – simply because I think the decorative pieces are too floral for 40k.

I’m not overly concerned with how many roof sections I’ve cast either because at most my Cathedral will have a ruined roof, and at least just exposed balsa wood beam-work. I figure most weapons in 40k are sufficiently explosive to remove the cathedral roof and blow out all the windows (hence little or no stained glass work either). At least that’s my rationale for not bothering to build the entire roof!

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