Dustan’s Jungle Table

Dustan's Jungle Table As I haven’t made much progress on any of my projects recently (still casting blocks for the Cathedral), here’s another one of Dustan’s fine textured tables.

This one is an generic ‘jungle’ table that can be used for both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k battles. Although in my opinion, without the trees and hills it could also be festering Chaos terrain where the earth has been torn open by some unnatural force…

Dustan's Jungle Table It’s constructed from cheap sheet ‘white’ polystyrene glued over MDF sections. The large crevasses were melted into the foam using a soldering iron. It was then given a skim coat of good old Selley’s PollyFilla (a product I’m using extensively on my incomplete Flames of War North African table) and then painted green before being covered over with PVA and static grass.

Pollyfilla adheres really well to foam products and dries to a very hard coat. The only downside is it can be a little brittle in my experience which can lead to cracking later on.

Dustan's Jungle Table From memory I believe the water features are several layers of floor varnish product. I think Dustan had some issues getting it to dry uniformly and ended up with some cracking which he then painted more varnish over. Interestingly that actually ended up as quite a nice effect which you unfortunately can’t see in the photos.

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