Medalist Hobby Engraver Kit

Medalist Hobby Engraver Kit Last night was a gaming night and Dustan dropped around a $20nz Medalist ‘Hobby Engraver Kit‘ (aka a cheap Dremel clone) that he’d picked up from Mitre10 on the shore for me. Thanks man!

Looks like it’ll be very handy for modelling and for $20nz the price is certainly right. Branded Dremel tools from Mitre10 are more than ten times that price!

This tool is battery powered with a mains charger, which is a mild hassle I’ll admit. I still can’t get past the $20nz price though. Even if it only lasts a month of modelling it’d still be a good price. At that price they’re almost disposable imho.

If you’re a New Zealand hobbyist I’d suggest checking out your local Mitre10 for one of these.

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