Poll Roundup: Modelling vs Gaming?

It seems most of the people that visit and vote are here for the terrain, according to March’s poll results (from 45 votes):

  • 51% : Making the terrain
  • 27% : Painting the figures
  • 22% : Rolling the dice

That’s pretty close to my personal feelings about this hobby too. I spend vast amounts of time making and painting terrain (hence this blog) and considerably less time painting figures and playing the games. I do enjoy the figures but it takes me a devil of a long time to paint even a single 28mm model to a standard I’m happy with.

I’m also only a fairly mediocre gamer with a history of really crappy dice rolling behind me. That’s why I started playing the Imperial Guard in 40k Rogue Trader, because I figured a fistful of dice must surely compensate for my low rolling! I tend to play for an amusing game rather than being overly concerned about winning, which means I’ll sometimes do tactically poor things simply for the elan! That might also explain my love of skirmish level games.

Anyway this month’s poll is about my current 40k pet peeve. The dirty Tau xenos! As an Imperial Guard player the Tau infuriate me with the broad range of inordinately cheap war gear that pretty much breaks every rule in the 40k shooting phase. I find they’re an incredibly frustrating opponent because most of the time I feel like I’m simply trying to beat their rules rather than the other player.

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