Hirst Arts Cathedral: Casting II

Hirst Arts Cathedral Pieces I’m still casting slowly for the Hirst Arts Cathedral but have made some progress compared to my last post. I certainly have enough pieces to start assembling the major parts. However two sticking points remain: I still have to make about 20 casts of the Gothic Belltower and I need to sort out a base for the whole piece as I’d like to sort out the floorplan first before assembling walls and bell towers.

It’s going to be a real challenge to keep everything straight and level. I have a bit of room for errors however since I do intend to build a partially ruined cathedral without a complete roof. For painting I plan to use the same scheme as the recently finished 40k CD terrain as I think that’ll look good for Mordheim and 40k.

For detailing I am considering embedding rare earth magnets in the statuary alcoves and try putting together two sets of ruined statues. One themed to 40k – so lots of old Space Marines and some Guardsmen, and the other themed to Mordheim/Warhammer Fantasy – so lots of armored Knights and some Flagellants painted like stone. I also wonder if I can put together a suitable set of iconography with a large Imperial Eagle or a Sigmarite Hammer over the entrance. Hmmm well see how much of that actually gets achieved!

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