Wierd WWII Pulp Site

SS Zombies Verdammnis is a great ‘alternate history’ WWII 28mm website with a very pulp feel and it includes a custom set of rules to use with Devil Dog’s ‘Dogs of War’ system.

Unfortunately Devil Dog Design no longer seem to have a web site – at least none that I can find. That doesn’t really matter because I’ll be playing .45 Adventures and just using this great site for ideas.

Verdammnis has some excellent galleries with superb terrain. I find pictures like these are always great inspiration for my own terrain efforts and let’s face it how could you dislike well painted Zombie Hitler Youth, or Nazi UFOs?

The figures on this site are from the ‘Graven Images‘ UK manufacturer. In particular the Gotterrustung and Gotterdamerung lines.

Via the Hot Lead and Steel Sinews Yahoo Forum.

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