Whitewash City Paper Terrain

Whitewash City Paper Terrain I recently received a copy of the Gutshot Western Skirmish rules that I’ll be reviewing for Tabletop Gaming News – so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested. Unfortunately I have absolutely no suitable terrain for a Western game. So I picked up a $15.99us copy of Eric Hotz’sWhitewash City‘ PDFs from RPG Now.

This ‘Pioneer City‘ set gives you an entire 30mm scale Western town and I’m quite impressed with Mr Hotz’s work. These designs are apparently all based on historic buildings and it certainly shows once you put a few together. All you need is a hot dry wind and a few tumbleweeds to complete the feel of a miniature Western town.

The signage on the front of the buildings adds a lot to that feel as well, however I do wonder if it detracts from the general usefulness of each building. Mind you with a bit of work with your favourite image editor I’m sure you could create some suitable replacements to add more variety to the buildings.

Later: Actually I see Mr Hotz already has an several extra sets of signs for sale.

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