28mm Stone Henges Finished

Chris Henge Finished I finally finished the Stone Henge I started late February using Chris’s cast 28mm henge pieces. For some reason it took me over a month to prime and drybrush five lintel blocks and a small stone altar.

I blame the two week World of Warcraft trial CD myself.

I had considered leaving the lintel pieces unattached but then dropped at least one on the concrete floor of my garage while moving the unfinished terrain piece around, so I eventually glued them down. The stone altar isn’t glued down though and is typically removed for gaming over the terrain.

I’ve applied some additional Woodland Scenics flocking around the base of the stones and glued a few reeds into the underlying blue foam. It’s not the sexiest piece of terrain as I could have added a lot more detailing to the henges themselves. Stuff like weapon and skull piles around the bases and the odd wode daubed rune here and there perhaps.

Chris Henge Finished However it was very quick to put together, probably only taking around 8 hours in total – ahem – spread over a month and a half. Leaving off specific Fantasy details also makes it quite a nice ‘non-denominational’ terrain piece that seems to work just as well in Warhammer 40k as Fantasy.

In fact Imperial Guardsmen, Tau and Space Marines have all huddled behind those henges during our recent gaming evenings.

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