28mm Germans Based

28mm Germans based I based five of the Germans yesterday afternoon, supergluing them to GW bases and building up the ground detail around them using Selley’s Pollyfilla. A scattering of Woodland Scenics railway ballast and kitty litter was added just to give the smooth Pollyfilla some texture. I based the doggie from the Celtos ‘King of the Wild’ review figure the same way.

Time to do some research into DAK WWII period uniform before I start painting!

Looking at the .45 Adventure rules I’d play this squad as a Grade 2 Enforcer armed with an SMG and four Grade 1 Gat Men with rifles for a total Grade 6 squad. The dog would definitely have to be a Grade 1 Villainous Dog too.

These figures are going to be painted as part of the Pityak forumsMini Mid Winter Madness‘ challenge. That should at least motivate me to finish a few of them before May is out!

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