15mm Resin OP (Observation Post)

15mm Forward Observation Post I’ve wanted a piece of terrain to add to the 15mm trench kits I already have on my gaming table so thought a simple little resin forward observation post over the trench would look nice. I sculpted and molded it a while ago now and have finally got around to painting up a resin cast.

The OP drops into a trench set and is just large enough to hold a single small Flames of War base. This is because observers in FOW are usually three figures on the smallest base.

The roof has been crudely sandbagged with a few lengths of lumber chucked on there to hold everything down. A forward OP would be under fire regularly so it’s meant to represent fairly hasty construction. For additional detailing camo netting would be most appropriate. I left that off because of course it obscures the terrain piece. Here’s a couple more photos with roof on/off – as always click them for a larger image.

15mm OP with roof 15mm OP without roof

I also finally got around to fully painting a 15mm resin guard tower. These have been available on the site for a while now but I discovered after fully assembling a cast set that they’re tricky to paint! A gaming mate Aaron took a more sensible approach and assembled his in two corner halves and painted them before final construction. So I took a scalpel to the pinned and superglued tower and broke it apart, painted it this week and re-assembled it.

As the OP roof is based on a cast guard tower roof I’ve now also got an alternate, sandbagged roof for the guard tower! Nothing like re-using terrain to make your life easy imho. Here’s the 15mm guard tower with the original flat roof (I’d use this as an airfield tower myself), without any roof, and finally with the new OP roof instead.

15mm Painted Guard Tower with original roof 15mm Painted Guard Tower without roof 15mm Painted Guard Tower with new roof

I’ll add some new pricing and products to the order page this weekend for the 15mm OP and guard tower with alternate roof.

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