North African Table IV

North African Table Overhead Inpsired by a Gutshot review I’m working on for Tabletop Gaming News, and the imminent opportunity for some Pulp gaming in a desert setting I’ve actually made a fair amount of progress on my Flames of War North African table!

I’ve re-textured and painted four of the six two foot MDF tiles that have been stacked in my garage for a while. I re-textured them because the original tiles I’d painted were just too flat and dull. They were re-worked with more Selley’s Pollyfilla mixed with Woodland Scenics model railway ballast and kitty litter. Mainly around the base of the hills, but I also applied some ‘rough spots’ in the large flat areas just for variety. Unfortunately they don’t show too well in the overhead photo. What should be obvious from photo is that you can arrange the tiles in a number of different arrangements. I may also make some stand-alone hills and rocky outcroppings for even more variety.

North African Town I’ve also quickly painted, washed and drybrushed the superb Crescent Root Studios buildings I received a while back in mid-February.

As you can see they paint up beautifully with minimal effort. In painting them I realised they have even more texturing than I originally thought. There’s not a flat, untextured area on them which makes them excellent for drybrushing. Once again I can’t recommend Crescent Root’s 15mm terrain enough. I see they’re now selling European farmhouses too.

North African Street Here’s a final shot of some NZers creeping into town from the west. The street looks a little bare to me though. I wonder how hard it would be to put together some market stalls, woven baskets and other suitably North African street details. Might be time to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark again for some street scene inspiration.

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