Poll Roundup: Did Tau need a New Codex?

Well as April has ended I guess I’d better change polls! Here’s the final results for April’s poll about the Tau.

Did the 40k Tau need a new Codex?

  • 21% (7): Yes! The old codex was broken
  • 30% (10): Yes! Old Tau were a one trick pony
  • 12% (4): No! Tau are even more unbalanced now
  • 36% (12): No! GW must have a Tau overstock

Total Votes : 33

So it seems people are split between the Tau needing a new Codex or not. Personally they’re the single reason I’m considering dropping 40k, or at least not bothering to play against Tau armies. Even though the Imperial Guard have been improved by 4th Edition they’re still a shooty army that just can’t shoot as well as these Xenos. Every game I play against them is simply not enjoyable and frankly I play games for fun. There’s a lot of other systems I could invest a 4 hour evening in.

If you’ve seen the latest Asia/Pacific White Dwarf #316 you may have noticed a vague two page article by Jervis Johnson that really told you nothing except that Games Workshop have changed to a new computer based sculpting method for their plastic sprues. Of course most of us knew this already.

Personally I’m curious to see how this new method impacts the quality and price of GW’s plastic figure lines. It will certainly allow them to produce the steel injection molds needed for plastic much more quickly. But will the figure quality be reduced? And more importantly, considering this process reduces costs for GW to produce plastic lines, will we see a price reduction at the consumer end? Now price reduction doesn’t mean just the box price, they could give us more figures per box for the same price. Yeah I know what you’re all thinking but I reckon it’s a valid question. Weigh in with your opinion in the May poll!

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