Another Hirst Arts Order

Hirst Arts #98 Egyptian Accessory Mold I’ve just made another Hirst Arts order, this time picking up the following excellent Egyptian molds:

#93 Egyptian Tower Mold
#94 Egyptian Temple Mold
#98 Egyptian Temple Accessory Mold (pictured)

These will be used to create tumble down Egyptian ruins and structures for the Pulp gaming I’m putting together based on my Flames of War North African table. Once I’ve cast a few pieces I believe I’ll be able to paint them very quickly with a similar paint scheme to the City Fight CD Terrain.

I’ve also cleaned and based five of the Copplestone figures that arrived recently too. Now I’ve just got to paint them along with the Germans and we can start rolling d10’s. Hmmm wonder how long it’ll take me to paint ten 28mm figures?

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