TW Figurines Painted Artizan Germans

TW Figurines is the site of Tom Weiss, a German artist who paints 28mm figures on commission. I notice the gallery on his site includes the entire range of Artizan Designs DAK German figures painted up in what I’d call the ‘European Style’. They’re not quite to my taste but you can’t deny they’re excellent paint jobs and it’s nice to see the figures painted.

I’ve finished basing and priming all the figures I need for a Archaeologist vs Nazis Pulp game and I started apply the base coat of colours to my own DAK Germans this afternoon. Hopefully I can get at least one figure finished this week!

My Hirst Arts order has also shipped, the day after I placed it, so excellent service from Bruce Hirst as usual. Sometimes I wonder if he’s aware that it’s dangerous to set customer expectations so high with such consistently prompt service!

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