15mm Scale Palm Trees

Crikey! A Post! Yes I am still alive, I just haven’t been doing a heck of a lot of modelling lately. Goodness knows why since we’re heading into the depths of winter here in New Zealand and the World of Warcraft account I was gaming on finally expired. Man that game is addictive, best I just let it go I think…

15mm Palm Tree Anyway, some time ago I inherited a set of 28mm scale palm trees made by a gamer friend of mine. They’re perfectly nice and playable but the anally retentive modeller in me simply didn’t like the smooth trunks they’d been modelled with, plus they’re a little large for a 15mm Flames of War table.

So this weekend I threw together a handful of my own palm trees using the same gardening wire/masking tape technique. I also spent a little time winding each tree with a ribbon of epoxy based builder’s putty for some extra texturing.

They’re not too time consuming to create and with some decent basing and a reasonable paint job should look fine on the table. They will also be considerably less painful to game with than the etched brass palms I was looking at recently.

I suspect 15mm (roughly) scale palm trees will also be fine for 28mm gaming too, because a true scale 28mm palm tree would be a liability for any heavy handed gamers at your table.

One last thing, I’ve been getting a lot of automated comment spam recently from some asshole so I have cranked up the settings on my own automated comment filter. My apologies if you get presented with a ‘captcha’ to post or your comment doesn’t immediately appear on the site.

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