Flames of War DAK Armored Coy II

Right, after doing a little research and some re-reading of ‘Desert Fox’ Intelligence handbook here’s what I’ll go for initially I think. This army list is based on the 15 Panzerdivision around Dec 1942 – post the Second battle of Alamein. Specifically the British ‘Left Hook’ operations that the NZers were involved with in the closing of ’42.

15 Panzerdivision operated in the same area as the NZ 2nd Div at that time so they’ll be a great force to play against my existing NZ Flames of War army.

15 Panzer Armee Armored Coy

HQ Platoon

200 2 Panzer IIIj (Early)
  30 Upgrade all to IIIj (Late)
   5 Sd Kfz 9 Recovery Vehicle

Combat Platoons

300 Panzer Platoon, 3 Panzer IIIj (Early)
 45 Upgrade all to IIIj (Late)

300 Panzer Platoon, 3 Panzer IIIj (Early)
  60 Commander upgraded to IV F2
  60 Upgrade two to IV F1

Support (1 per Panzer Platoon)

220 Panzergrenadier Platoon with 3 squads
  5 Command Panzerknacker SMG team

Divisional Support (1 per Panzer Platoon)

240 Heavy AA Gun Platoon with 2 sections
 20 Extra gun crew on both guns


Drat! 15 points left to spare…or is that a ‘lucky 15’ because they’re a 15 Panzer Armored coy? Here’s hoping.

One of my regular opponents fields a European themed Panzer Armored Company as well, fortunately this force is a little different from his. From memory he’s fielding light Panzers and AA armored half tracks, whereas I’ve gone for the 88 Flak battery and a Panzergrenadier platoon.

The good news is that since I’ve already purchased most of the core of the army I only have to add an additional few blisters to field the force. Namely:

$18nz GE600 Recovery half track (if I can get one).
$42nz 3 x GE042 Panzer IV F1/F2 blisters.
$28nz GE703 Panzergrenadier blister.

All up that means this army will cost me less than $280! Man that’s cheap. Good luck building a GW 40k or WHFB army for that much. The only down side to this force for me is I can’t field those nifty Mechanised Panzergrenadiers I mentioned in the last post. Ah well just as well I didn’t just grab a box of them then!

To be honest the more I play Flames of War, the more I look at all my old GW armies and think why did I bother? Hopefully Battlefront won’t screw up the system with their soon to arrive Second edition rulebook.

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