Pulp 28mm Egyptian Terrain WIP

Pulp 28mm Egyptian Obelisk I finished my first piece of Egyptian terrain for Pulp 28mm gaming over the weekend. The painted piece looks a little sterile to me though. I think I either need some large rocks or a thorny bush or two to break up the ground a little and present more cover for the figures to hide behind.

In fact if you’re familiar with the Hirst Arts Egyptian molds you may notice the obelisk base is actually larger than the suggested construction. This is an accident, mainly because our PC printer is currently out of ink so I had no plans in the garage while building, but it’s probably fortuitous because the larger base covers more of the CD.

I guess the risk you run with throwing terrain together at high speed is that sometimes it’s obvious you didn’t quite pay that much attention to detail. Still it’s not a bad piece considering it’s constructed from an experimental 15mm palm tree and the first test castings of my new Egpytian molds. The paint job was also a trial using Kiwi brown shoe polish and the Hirst Arts ‘antiquing method’.

The results are quite passable imho, although the high shine from the polyurethane furniture varnish I used to seal the finished piece is a little annoying, except for the palm fronds. I’ll probably hit it with a light dusting of matt art varnish to dull it down.

Pulp 28mm Egyptian Ruin I find CD terrain is strangely addictive, while the painted obelisk was drying I was messing around with some other test cast pieces from the Egyptian Temple mold and suddenly ended up with this piece of terrain glued down to another CD!

Hmmm it looks a little sterile too, mainly because I’ve neglected to include any reasonable rubble around the base of the ruined wall I think.

Although I’ve base coated the piece I may do a little more work and build up sand into that corner over a ruined block or two. That would improve the piece no end I believe.

Then of course I’ll have to actually paint some of the 28mm Copplestone figures I keep throwing into frame for scale!

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