40k Cities of Death vs Hirst Arts

40k Cities of Death Well, it’s finally upon us! The updated version of City Fight with a bunch of nifty new plastic buildings. Unfortunately the kits themselves are fairly expensive imho. So expensive in fact I was tempted to do a little cost breakdown versus Hirst Arts molds.

To me the ‘basic’ Cities of Death boxed kit is an ‘Imperial Sector’, which allows you to create four buildings (although corners is probably a more accurate description), including one large one. Locally this retails for $150 Australia, or $180nz.

Now Hirst Arts molds generally cost $34us each, or roughly $55nz at the moment, and with the Gothic Church and Gothic Belltower you could cast equivalent buildings for a City of Death. Of course you’d need some casting material. A 22kg pail of Ultracal 30 from TopMark in Auckland costs around $65nz. In my experience a 22kg pail will be sufficient to cover a 4′ x 4′ table with ruined buildings.

So for $180nz you could buy Games Workshop’s fixed plastic sprues and use them to cover maybe half your table, or you could take that $180nz and order two Hirst Arts molds and a pail of Ultracal and completely cover your table with your own unique and totally custom ruined buildings.

Of course the Hirst Arts route will take you more time because of the casting it requires. However trust me when I say if you like building terrain, you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more with Mr Hirst’s molds and experience a considerably larger sense of satisfaction when you sit back and contemplate the finished table…

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