Finishing my NZers Flames of War Army

15mm NZ HQ Right, if I’m going to start a new Flames of War army I’d better finish my first! So I’m on a painting drive to get the New Zealanders squared away. This week I’ve finally finished the HQ and Artillery Staff teams pictured here.

The HQ team is pretty bare bones, just plonked down in the desert. I gave the CiC a couple of 40 gallon drums and a little row of reject resin sandbags I had laying around from my original entrenching experiments. Those coupled with the fact there’s a radio man in the team make them stand out fairly well on the table. I fully expect them to be on the receiving end of a lot more incoming arty and fire from now on!

15mm NZ Artillery Command My artillery staff and command teams have been unpainted for so long now it’s been ridiculous, particularly considering I finished painting the gun teams some time late last year and the central table has been painted pretty much since I started collecting Flames of War! At last it finally has a team of men to stand around it.

Painting them up I noticed the gentleman on the left in the staff team is actually wearing a pullover, so no Kommando Khaki for him (yes I’m using GW paints). Incidently, I believe I’ve painted the soft hats of the officers entirely the wrong colour. They should actually be a light green like that man’s jersey. Ah well. The New Zealanders served for a number of years in the desert…so possibly the sun has err bleached the officer’s hats?

Right, barring the interminable transports and two objective markers, all I have left to paint to complete this army is:

– Three rifle team bases.
– Three British Sherman III’s.

I aim to have these painted by the next gaming evening, which is roughly a fortnight away. Rest assured that once I finish painting the main force I’ll post them up here!

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