Poll Roundup: Games Workshop’s CAD Sculpting

Crikey, another month gone. Here’s the results of May’s poll:

Will Games Workshop’s new computer based sculpting:

* 11% (6) Make plastic figures worse?
* 35% (19) Make the plastic figures better?
* 20% (11) Make the plastic figures cheaper?
* 35% (19) Change nothing?

Total Votes : 55

So it seems most people think things will stay the same or get better. An optimistic few think Games Workshop plastics might actually get cheaper! Given the amount of trumpeting GW have been doing about how the new computer aided sculpting solution will speed their production techniques and allow them to produce more unique sprues a year, they logically should.

Historically mass production lowers prices after all. Given GW have priced themselves out of my personal hobbyist budget, and considering that by day I’m a mid-30’s fully employed white collar professional, one wonders if their falling figures sales might simply have something to do with their products no longer representing good value for money to the average 18-24 year old? Still this is a niche market, which is GW’s traditional rationale for regularly increasing prices.

Continuing in the GW bashing trend that seems to have developed, I’m interested to hear if anybody has stopped playing GW games recently for another reason: because their games just aren’t that much fun compared to other alternatives?

I’ve been finding Flames of War is currently occupying a lot of my hobby and gaming time and despite my usual dismal dice rolling and regular losses I’m enjoying every game of it. Games seem to always be a close run thing, and I’ve only had one game (against German armor) that I’d classify as a ‘depressing round of exercising the rules’ because the game was a sure thing by the second or third turn – for the Germans of course. However in 40k and WHFB I find these kinds of games crop up with monotonous regularity.

Consequentially my WHFB and 40k armies are going back in the cupboard and any GW modelling I do in the near future will once again be Mordheim related.

I swear next month’s poll will be totally unrelated to GW.

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