Accepting International Orders

You can now order our terrain internationally and we accept payment via PayPal.

  • For international customers outside Australia, shipping costs a flat 20% of the value of kits ordered, provided the value of your order exceeds $100NZ, excluding shipping.

  • For our Australian customers, shipping costs a flat 20% of the value of kits ordered regardless of the size of your order.

If you’re wondering why Australia customers appear to get a better deal it’s because all orders are shipped via airmail, which is quite costly for the US/UK. However for sufficiently large orders I’m happy to absorb some of that cost myself. Please note that applies to orders over $100 New Zealand, not your local currency! The humble NZ$ will always be weaker than the US$, GBP or Euro.

For Australian customers 20% shipping cost is almost bang on the real cost of airmail between our countries.

In my experience airmail shipping from NZ to Australia should take 5 working days maximum.

Airmail shipping to the US/UK should take 10-15 working days maximum. West coast US seems a little quicker to get items, probably because there’s a lot of flights between AKL/LAX every week.

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