The Madness Unleashed!

Well after a moment of either sheer madness (risking his perfectly good reputation) or inspired genius (getting us poor saps to do the work) Mr Tabletop-Terrain himself has allowed a few of his fellow gamers/modelers/painters in Auckland to make contributions to this blog.

Chaos Lord In the hope of getting the first ride on his coat-tails I thought I’d sneak in and submit a post. I started war gaming life as an unashamed Games Workshop fanboy and until 6 months ago I supported GW unquestioningly in the madness of price hikes and rules revisions.

Fortunately I’ve finally realised I don’t want or need another Warhammer Fantasy rule set and for me much of their great reputation was built on those wonderful Specialist Games of days gone by. Although even Necromunda has taken a beating in recent ‘living rulebook’ revisions. So disillusioned with GW, I have started to look further afield for my war games fix!

Kv-1e Currently my main focus is Flames of War and I have almost completed a US Infantry Company. It was mostly painted during the Midwinter Modeling Madness competition Stu talked about a few months ago. I was the main instigator and one of three competitors in this aborted army collection challenge.

I’m also on the cusp of collecting a Soviet Tank Battalion and recently completed my first Soviet tank which came up nicely – I know the writing looks a bit like “No Sex” but honestly its supposed to say “Victory”!

Chaos Statue 02 I’m not the terrain master that Stu is and tend to fall more into the campaign / organiser / rules lawyer area of the hobby.

However the growth of our little gaming group has definitely expanded my interest in other aspects of the war gaming. I’ve even come up with a few terrain pieces worthy of display. I’m still developing my terrain and painting skills so hopefully in future posts I’ll be able to offer a few tips for those of us out there with moderate skills and no patience!

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