The Madness Unleashed II

As Aaron mentioned in his post, it appears that Stu has had a moment of madness and allowed a few of us access to his blog. I too am one of those gamers – cue maniacal laughter and distant lightning strike.

Until I met the ‘Garage Gamers’ and started playing with them I was in the happy little Games Workshop flock and played WHFB and WH40K to the exclusion of all other games. However now more and more of my attention is focused on my fledgling Flames of War armies. I have two of them, I’m an addict and no I don’t need councilling – honest!

Close proximity to the fantastic terrain produced by Stu has also prompted me to experiment myself and as a result I ended up with some henges which I’m pretty happy with. Although in the spirit of gamers ADD, I now have a new project:

Board Layout I’m lucky enough to have a cousin who works in the cabinet making / shop fitting industry who has unlimited access to a CNC controlled milling machine. One box of beers and about a week later he has generously converted four 4’x8′ sheets of 18mm MDF into 128 hexagons with a length point to point of 1 foot.

I intend to turn these into a modular table suitable for both FOW and GW games. The first board is shown above. The picture doesn’t clearly show my layout but it’s there.

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