15mm North African Stone Walls

15mm Stone Walls I’ve been gaming with Crescent Root Studio’s excellent 15mm North African buildings for a while now. They often get arranged as a couple of little villages on the table and always look a little bare without surrounding walls.

So last week I quickly put together a couple of 3″ wall sections, a 90 degree angle joiner and a little tumbled down end piece and molded them up. The photos show the first two casts painted with a quick drybrushing of interior house acrylics.

15mm Stone Walls In play they’re high enough for a Flames of War infantry base to reasonably claim cover from and they act as a nice bit of extra cover if you’ve got infantry hiding in the village. In the last game of FOW I played they actually helped foil a Russian SU-85 recklessly firing down the village’s main road at my Panzer IIIj on the other side.

I may master and mold a few more pieces: 60 degree concave and 120 degree convex pieces would be handy for making irregularly shaped fields or road junctions and of course you can never have too many 3″ long straight sections.

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