Ruined Egyptian Temple CD Terrain

Ruined Egyptian Temple CD Terrain We played our first game of the .45 Adventure rules at the gaming night earlier this week and I must say it was thoroughly enjoyable!

So that was $7us well spent (ack! three months ago). The system is fast and easy to play and creates a very cinematic feel. I’ll definitely be playing more of it in the future.

In fact the single ‘demo’ game we played generated an extended conversation amoungst the ‘Garage Gamers’ in our forums, so clearly I’ve struck a gaming nerve there somewhere.

Ruined Egyptian Temple CD Terrain Anyway, we needed some more 28mm desert terrain for the game, so the evening before I finished off the ruined Egyptian CD terrain piece that’s been kicking around in my garage for a while. It’s gone through a bit of re-working to add a sand bank and a couple of chunks of ruined block and looks a little better imho.

That scary looking beastie (my apologies to any arachnophobes) is the Heresy Miniatures spider I ordered way back in October ’04 on a random whim.

Poor thing, she’s been kicking around in the gaming cupboards for so long I’ve actually had to reattach her legs twice after knocking her onto the concrete garage floor. This last patching up involved a lot of superglue and very long metal pins which will hopefully hold the legs on.

It’s only fair that now she’s likely to appear in games she gets a paint job really…

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