Ebob Miniatures Order

Ebob Miniatures 28mm Opel Blitz I placed another order with Ebob Miniatures this weekend, picking up two of their great looking 28mm Opel Blitzes, along with crates, barrels and jerry cans for stowage in the truck bed.

I’m looking foward to them arriving as they should be interesting to assemble and paint. One will definitely have to be painted in a desert sand colour while the other I suspect will be painted like Ebob’s grey demonstrator model in the photo.

I’ve ordered these for .45 Adventure pulp gaming since I figure they’ll be invaluable ‘set decoration’ as well as very handy for chase scenes and the like. The Dragon Bones .45 expansion has a chase scene scenario which would be fun to adapt to a different story with the heroes in one Blitz and the villains in another.

Ebob Miniatures German Equipment Ebob has released a few new products this month, and I also grabbed one of his ‘German Equipment’ packs just to see what they’re like. These bits and pieces will probably end up in or on the Blitzes although I can see you could have fun modelling the large round anti-tank mines onto a German figure or two.

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