Flames of War 2nd Ed Rulebook

Flames of War 2nd Edition Rulebook I picked up my copy from Vagabond in Queen St after work this evening. I have to say I’m immensely impressed with what Battlefront have packed into this compact A5 package. Here it is plonked on top of my old second print-run rulebook.

Flames of War 2nd Edition Rulebook The 164 full colour glossy pages (look at the shine on the cover) lend a hefty weight to the book and it reminds me a graphic novel in terms of feel and slick presentation. The rules are sensibly laid out into major chapters and richly illustrated with play examples, period photos and quality artwork that appears to have been painted by the same artist responsible for the high action cover. These new rules are so thoughtfully laid out that within the first two pages of reading I’d clarified three questions about basic unit types that keep appearing in our friendly games!

It’s a fantastic gift from Battlefront considering it’s free! These dim photos taken in my garage this evening don’t show it to it’s full advantage are really just here to tease any pour souls that don’t have a copy yet. Ahh it’s never been a better time to be a Flames of War gamer!

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