28mm vs 1/48th Scale

Napnuts.com 1/48th Comparison Tamiya do a nice line of 1/48th scale WWII models that I’ve seen before, mainly because it includes a nifty British Universal Carrier. Now I’m slowly building up terrain for Pulp gaming using the .45 Adventure rules I’ve been looking around for suitable 28mm scale vehicles too.

The question I’ve always wondered is how close is 1/48th model scale to 28mm gaming scale? Fortunately a quick Google answered that question immediately with this excellent comparison from www.napnuts.com. Interesting name, fortunately it refers to a Singaporean Napoleonics gaming club!

It’s very handy because it shows Artizan Design’s 28mm Germans next to a Tamiya Sherman tank from the 1/48th series! Earlier this year I picked up a dozen DAK Germans from Artizan myself.

This means in the near future I’m most likely to pick up the 1/48th Tamiya Citroen Staff Car (here’s a review) and possibly a Kubelwagon as well since my pulp gaming will all be set in Egypt, Cairo and occasionally the North African desert.

Acorn Models in New Zealand stock the Citreon along with other models in the 1/48th series so I’m pretty sure you’ll see some appearing here in the future!

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