Kim’s Painted Trench Kits

Kim's Painted Trench Kits A while back Kim from Kreative Scenery and I swapped some of our terrain pieces for Flames of War. Kim’s actually got around to painting the trench kits I sent him – whereas I have barely assembled the farm houses he sent me.

What’s even more ironic is I’ve only painted a handful of my own trench pieces so far too – those that appear in the product photos. Too many hobbies, not enough time!

Kim's Painted Trench Kits
Anyway, these photos show Kim’s painted trench pieces and it’s quite nice to see a large run of painted pieces arranged on a gaming table. I think they make quite a nice 15mm scale trench system and I really like the subtle shading he’s done on the ground myself. Looks like some ink washing over a bit of drybrushing of lighter tones to capture the textured earth around the trenches.

Care to tell us how you painted them Kim?

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