Painted Artizan Design DAK German

Artizan Design DAK German Painted I finished my first Artizan Design DAK Soldier over the weekend for .45 Adventure pulp gaming. Here he is seeking shelter in the ruins from an approaching haboob.

Not a bad figure to paint, the only problematic parts were the tiny Iron Cross he wears on his chest and his MP40 which is a little bland as it doesn’t have a lot of surface detail. If anybody can suggest a good way to paint a 0.5mm white stripe around a 3mm Iron Cross feel free to suggest it! I notice most of the Artizan Design DAK Germans I picked up are sporting crosses as well. I guess they’re all veterans of North Africa.

You can see why modern soldiers wear camouflage. Maybe I should have photographed this figure against a background that’s not the same colour as his uniform…

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