Model Military International #2 in NZ

Model Military International #2 Well, it’s about a month late but Model Military International #2 (June) is available in New Zealand now for $13.70nz. I picked up a copy from Queen St ‘Mega Mags’ on the way home last night.

This issue is great because it primarily focuses on weathering so hopefully there’ll be some useful techniques that I can adapt to 15mm DAK tanks. There’s some fantastic examples of large scale weathering too as the cover shows. I also notice they’re not above reviewing ‘wargaming’ figures and vehicles which is nice to see.

In an odd coincidence the cover features the Sd Kfz 9 (18t) Famo and I’ve just had a Flames of War Sd Kfz 9 arrive to complete my FoW DAK Armored Company.

Presumably MMI is surface shipped from the UK publisher which explains the month delay. I must remember to keep an eye out for #3 around the end of August!

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