Crescent Root 28mm Middle Eastern Buildings

Crescent Root Studio 28mm Desert Buildings Crescent Root Studios have just released their new 28mm scale Middle Eastern buildings. I regularly play Flames of War over a set of their 15mm ME buildings and have been eagerly awaiting these larger models for Pulp Gaming.

Initially they’re offering four individual buildings for sale, ranging in size and price from $16.99us for a single level dwelling to $25.99us for a three room, two story building.

Crescent Root Studios 28mm Middle Eastern Buildings All of the buildings have interior spaces with open doors and windows. The roofs are removeable and the doors can be opened and closed as they ‘slot’ into the walls in a cunning manner.

These buildings would be ideal for Pulp and modern 28mm skirmish gaming. They would also be fine for sci-fi gaming and I imagine with the addition of a few suitable details they’d make a great Ork ‘scavenger’s village’ for 40k. I will definitely be ordering a set of these as soon as I can round up sufficient modelling funds!

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