Flames of War 2nd Edition Full Rulebook

When I first heard of Battlefront’s outstanding offer of a free ‘mini’ copy of their new rules to any gamer that presented their first edition rulebook I stated on their forums I’d pick up a full copy of the new rulebook as soon as it was available. Simply because I believe a company that treats its customers with such respect deserves my money in return.

Battlefront released the full hardback copy of their Second Edition rulebook for Flames of War on August the 3rd. Due to my real life interferring I wasn’t able to pick up a copy until last night for $75nz from the Auckland City Vagabond store.

I have to say the full rulebook is just as lovely as I expected it would be. Great work Battlefront! The presentation and content is top notch, easily matching books produced by other, larger gaming companies. The additional material also looks very interesting and glancing through I noticed several intriguing chapters discussing running campaigns and historical (non points based) scenarios.

I look forward to pouring over the rulebook in detail…

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