Pulp Frenzy

If it seems like things have been pretty slow around here recently it’s because I’ve been furiously buying Pulp figures and terrain, but haven’t actually got around to painting them yet! Recent purchases have been:

  • DAK MG34 toting Germans and the three excellent looking Fez wearing Pulp figures from Artizan Designs. These fellows will be ‘Hieratic Dawn’ cultists stalking the back alleys of Cairo. Mike Owen of Artizan also informed me that:

    some more thrilling tales figures should be out next week, there will be some OTT WW2 Americans, some cultists and a Biggles figure, along with these will be the first WW2 Indian Infantry and the HMG for the Afrika Corps.

    So I suspect Cultists and an HMG team may be purchased in the future.

  • I’ve also ordered no less that two of each of the excellent looking Crescent Root Studios 28mm Middle Eastern buildings. These will be useful for all sort of things. Cairo streets and alleys, remote villages and lone caravanserais in the North African desert. I will be reviewing them here as soon as they arrive so stay tuned.
  • For more Egyptian terrain I’ve picked up three more Hirst Arts molds (Sand Blasted Pyramid Mold #92, Egyptian Pyramid Accessory Mold #96 and Egyptian Tomb Accessory Mold #97) to add to the three I already own. The accessory molds in particular should be handy as I’d like to build a Cario ‘Museum of Antiquities’ set. The easiest way to do that would be to scatter a bunch of small, decorative painted terrain pieces around a marbled floor tile. For the deep desert I’ve also started putting together some more Egyptian CD based terrain from the pieces I’ve already cast.
  • Finally, my latest arrival was two Ebob Miniatures dromedary Camels which I plan to review before the end of this week!

Right, that lot should set me up for quite a bit of Pulp .45 Adventures gaming.

Although I must admit the recently released Chieftain Models 1/56th scale German Sd.Kfz 231 is tempting me too. Particularly since it’s about to have an Artizan Design commander figure added! They’ve also just released a nifty looking SAS jeep that may interest at least one gaming mate of mine…

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