Gloire Ruleset

Gloire from Rattrap Productions Rattrap Productions are revving up to release the Gloire ruleset on the 1st of November. From their website:

“Gloire is swashbuckling adventure, like the stories of the Three Musketeers, Dr. Syn and the Scarecrow, and Scaramouche. Players can control master swordsmen, nobles of the court, highwaymen, military heroes, spies…”

Gloire is based on the original .45 Pulp Adventure ruleset and actually expands them in a few interesting directions, in particular the melee system has many more interesting cinematic options for overpowering your opponent and controlling the outcome of a scuffle. In fact I’ll be using the Gloire ‘pushback’ rules in my .45 Adventures from now on.

A demo subset of the full rules are available for download now and are definitely worth checking out.

There’s a Yahoo Groups forum for Gloire as well, which the author visits regularly.

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