Review: EBob Miniatures Camel

EBob Miniatures Dromedary Camel Last week a couple of EBob Miniatures Dromedary Camels arrived in my mailbox. I ordered these beasts as ‘set dressing’ for my Egyptian Pulp .45 Adventure games. Here’s a quick review!

They arrived in the usual EBob clam-shell style plastic blisters and are a one piece white metal cast supplied with a round plastic base. For scale comparison I’ve placed the camel next to an unsuspecting gentleman from Copplestone Castings. The camel is nicely sculpted and in proportion, well I assume so, it certainly looks like a camel! The hair texture is well done and hides any noticeable mold lines. There was no flash at all on my two camels.

However one issue is that the legs are quite thin and I did have to straighten several of them out on arrival. So I’ll definitely be pinning both my camels to plastic bases for gaming – on rectangular Games Workshop cavalry bases rather than the large circular bases they came with.

As these are supplied ‘naked’ I’ll probably be adding some green stuff or fuse wire in the form of a simple rope bridle, and possibly even try my hand at sculpting a full saddle from plasti-card so I can add some baggage. This is simply because I’d like to use them as tame camels for desert villages and Cairo streets etc.

In summary these beasts are up to EBob’s typical high standard and will form a welcome addition to my Pulp figures. They should also be pretty easy to paint with a little careful drybrushing. Hmmm, wonder if I should create a ‘Villainous Spitting Camel’ archetype?

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