More Egyptian CD Ruins

Egyptian CD Terrain I’m hoping to run a Pulp .45 Adventures campaign for my gaming mates over the next couple of months. So last week I finished a some more pieces of Egyptian CD terrain to add to my existing collection. They’re a couple of sloped towers that will form stand-alone ruins, or together represent entrance markers to a lost temple complex.

Egyptian CD Terrain I ruined one simply because I ran out of blocks to build two entire towers. The ruined one, while not realistic as presumably it should be filled with solid blocks, should be good for gaming over because figures can hide inside giving them excellent hard cover.

Egyptian CD Terrain I’ve been basing all my Pulp terrain on CD’s like this because it gives you a lot more variety when laying out ruins on a desert table than say, monolithic ruined buildings would.

I have noticed though that if there’s a lot of CD lip around the terrain (as in the obelisk piece for example) the CD can warp around the edges which is annoying. So these towers extend almost to the edge of each CD and have had their bases filled with Ultracal 30, up to the first row of bricks which gives them a nice weighty feel.

The sphinxs that feature were originally just an experiment in painting this desert terrain. They don’t offer a lot of cover, but the desperate .45 Hero can occasionally hunker down behind them while the bullets fly.

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