Cairo Museum of Antiquities

Cairo Museum of Antiquities A grand title for some simple Pulp .45 Adventure terrain. This is a three roomed museum interior for a campaign I started last night.

The floor is a 1’x1′ lino tile lightly sprayed with matt varnish to kill the high gloss sheen. The walls are painted foam card with glued on Hirst Arts Egyptian pieces. The exhibits are just small Hirst Arts pieces from various Egyptian accessory molds. They’re mainly there to provide cover for the gunplay that always occurs when heroes and villains clash!

Surprisingly it only took me a few nights to build. The bulk of that time was spent casting and painting three rooms worth of antiquities. It really all came together when I found some cheap surplus six-packs of floor tiles at Bunnings over the weekend.

I’ve written a new .45 Adventure scenario to go with the Museum, I’ll post it up shortly after I’ve tweaked it a bit after last night’s trial run.

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