In the Streets of Cairo

In the Streets of Cairo Last night we played the second scenario in the Pulp .45 Adventure campaign I’m running at the moment. It was a slightly modified version of Chapter 1 of ‘The Golden Calf’ campaign from the Amazing War Stories expansion.

An American PI, British secret agents and a group of dastardly Germans (with zombie troopers in tow) searched the streets of Cairo for a native guide to lead them to the lost tomb hinted at in the first scenario!

In the Streets of Cairo Fortunately I had the good sense to hide TWO native guides in the dusty houses because while the British quickly discovered one guide, the Germans just as quickly dispatched him with a burst of submachine gun fire. Typical behaviour from jackbooted fascists!

Although it turned out to be quite a tactical move since the Germans discovered the second guide hiding on a rooftop later on and proceeded to hussle him into a nearby truck at gunpoint. The rest of the scenario was spent filling Nazi zombies with lead in an effort to bring them down. Something like 20 shots must have gone into each before one was felled. The second was killed with a fearsome blow to the head while covering its master’s escape…

In the Streets of Cairo I was gratified to see that the players heeded my call for painted figures. Ahem, although I myself only managed to paint four of the eight Crescent Root Studios 28mm Middle Eastern buildings for the scenario. Still they were sufficient to provide a small suburb to hunt through.

Now I find myself having to construct an Egyptian Tomb with minimal effort and paint at least three figures for the next fortnightly game. I’ll either re-use my Museum pieces, or hopefully there’s some nice paper terrain I can buy from that’ll do for a Tomb floorplan…

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