Super Air Gun Airbrush

Airbrush and Compressor Thanks to Phil over at PitYak Studios selling me a second hand compressor and a gentleman on TradeMe selling cheap Chinese ‘Super Air Gun’ brand airbrushes I am now the proud owner of a $200nz airbrush setup.

I haven’t tried it out yet but hope to do so this weekend. After some test sprays the first serious experiment will simply be base coating the remaining four Crescent Root Studio 28mm Middle Eastern buildings I have left to paint.

Chinese Airbrush I doubt the brush is capable of fine detail (it only cost $95nz after all) but I’m hoping it’ll considerably speed up laying down the base coats of colour on terrain, vehicles and figures. The instructions are full of amusing Engrish too which is an extra bonus.

On the advice of this page I’ve also picked up some cheapo car windscreen fluid for diluting and Windex for cleaning up afterwards. Phil as well as various gaming mates also recommend ‘Floetrol’ which is a DIY acrylic paint extender. I’ll see how I go with windscreen fluid to start with and maybe grab some Floetrol next time I’m at Bunnings.

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