Zombie Tribesmen Riding Zombie Camels

Obelisk Miniatures Zombie Desert Tribesmen As an Indiana Jones inspired Pulp gamer how could I resist zombie desert tribesmen riding their zombie camels across the sands? I must own some of these original figures from Obelisk Miniatures. Heck they even have an auspicious company name!

They’re from OM’s Darkest African Fantasies line which includes some scary looking wild baboons that tempted me as well. They’d work best in a jungle setting obviously, but a few hanging out in an oasis temple ruin would be good for scene dressing.

I think I’ll order a blister of Baluchi Zombies with sabres, a sabre wielding Zombie desert raider on camel and a Zombie leader on camel.

Those desert raiders on foot look very similar to me. I suspect they’ve been inspired by some artwork from Richard Corben’s 80’s graphic novel “The Last Voyage of Sinbad”.

Via Tabletop Gaming News

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