Pulp Hieratic Dawn Cultists

Hieratic Dawn Cultists Here’s the first two Egyptian cultists finished for my current Pulp .45 Adventure campaign. I had a little difficulty painting them as more swarthy gentlemen and for some reason their skin tones look rather flat in the photo. Possibly it’s a little out of focus, although I might do a touch more highlighting too. I’ve also not bothered giving them eyeballs as they all appear to be squinting into the Egyptian sun.

I’m quite happy with their suits and fez though. I was initially tempted to go with dark blue suits, as worn by the gentlemen from the Order of the Cruciform Sword in ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’, however having lived in the Middle East for a while as a kid know how impractical dark colours are in the heat.

These Artizan Design figures were a joy to paint and each has an excellent and very distinctive face. Can’t recommend them enough, although I do wish Artizan had more than just three figures in this style!

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